For Your Global Visions

KG2PG EduHub Paves the Way

Enroll with us as we empower your MBBS journey abroad
For Your Global Visions

KG2PG EDUHUB Paves the Way

Enroll with us as we empower your MBBS journey abroad

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    Why MBBS Abroad

    Explore Opportunities Beyond Horizons

    KG2PG EduHub aims to make studying MBBS abroad more manageable and less daunting for aspiring medical students. The wish to pursue MBBS abroad for your medical journey is a good choice as the educational facility is advancing worldwide, and you can explore opportunities beyond domestic academics. The following facets will help you reconsider why you should opt for medical education abroad.

    Global Recognition

    Practice medicine that will be approved and recognised internationally.

    Specialised Options

    Enrol in various specialities of medicine for further studies and residency programs.

    Advanced Infrastructure

    Train in a well-equipped facility and modern framework.

    Experienced Faculty

    Access a wealth of experience and knowledge from experienced professionals and experts worldwide.

    Clinical Experience

    Improve your MBBS course with ample clinical exposure that guarantees excellent practical knowledge.

    Quality Education

    Enrich your MBBS journey with the best academics as international universities maintain outstanding syllabus and produce competent doctors yearly.

    Cultural Exposure

    Enhance your interpersonal skills and diversify your cultural exchange with students from different backgrounds and boundaries.

    Global Networking

    Build connections with international faculties and peer groups for a wide network of friends and families.

    Guiding You in Every Facet of Your Admission

    What We Offer

    Chart Your MBBS Abroad Course Confidently with KG2PG EDUHUB

    From admission assistance to post-arrival support to the destination, KG2PG EDUHUB is behind in clearing all the complexities you might face during your educational journey. Let us help you with your scepticism with the following details you get as you embark on your MBBS abroad journey with us.
    Admission Assistance

    We guide the students through the admission requirements like entry tests, application procedures in international universities, language proficiency and other prerequisites in the initial stages of admission.

    University Selection

    We provide information about universities' reputations, admission standards, ranking that match your preference and budgetary considerations for you to be aware of before enrolling in the desired university.

    Application Support

    We ensure the paperwork is done accurately and submitted on time with all the necessary documents to avoid last-minute delays.

    Visa & Immigration Guidance

    We know the intricacies of obtaining a student visa, so we guide you through the process of visa application, required papers and ensure that your form is complying with the immigration regulations of your country.


    We offer sessions to students regarding the university culture, the premises and other must-to-be-known factors before getting on the plane. So you can be confident and comfortable before your journey of dreams.

    Educational Loans

    We support students interested in pursuing their education MBBS abroad but lack funds through our loan-serving section, for we believe that students' dreams should always fly high.

    Post-Arrival Support

    We make sure to travel with students and be with them until they reach the destination safely and comfortably, for airport transitions and accommodation can be worrisome occasionally.

    Student Support Service

    We will address the issues and challenges students encounter during their MBBS course and resolve them if possible.

    List Of Places

    Beyond Borders, Brighter Horizons - Top Countries for MBBS Abroad

    Here is the list of countries where you can enrol and enjoy your MBBS abroad journey. The below countries offer ample opportunities and facilities for you to become the best MBBS doctor in town.
    New Zealand
    New Zealand

    Redefining Global Education

    KG2PG EDUHUB will be your comprehensive consultant agency for your international medicine course. Your educational voyage will be breezy and comfortable as we assist you with all the prerequisites and guidance for your MBBS abroad. We prioritise your needs and requirements beforehand and develop personalised plans that meet your financial and educational needs.

    Enrol with us for your MBBS abroad and experience quality assistance throughout your educational exploration. Our expertise in international education and familiarity with the requirements of various medical universities help students make informed decisions and increase their chances of successful admission to their desired institutions. Take your dream forward and beyond the sky with KG2PG EDUHUB.


    At KG2PG EDUHUB, we meticulously assess your profile, assist with the application process, and enhance your chances of successful admission to your desired institutions. Our experience in international universities, their laws and regulations help us obtain the best university for our students.
    Primarily we ensure that the student’s profile can enter the admission process. Then we take the suggestions of the particular student’s requirements, their preferred location and most importantly, their budget constraints before finalising the location and university.
    At KG2PG EDUHUB, we keep track of every university we have partnered with for scholarships and other benefit programs for the students. We will evaluate the student’s scores and inform them of the potential scholarships and financial aid options that match their profile and eligibility so that the university will bear half the expenses.
    KG2PG EDUHUB is proud to announce that they have been the best in the industry for more than a decade. We have world-class expertise and professionals guiding individuals to help them secure the best seat per their desired conditions. We have established unparalleled and transformative achievements in every student’s dream.

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